I’ve been writing most of my life, in no set timeframe, always at random. I’ve always loved eating, in particular cookies, ice cream and chips. I always wanted to know HOW to cook. in about grade 4 or 5 I made sloppy joes for dinner, it was more like ketchup and meat but my parents took it in stride and ate sloppily away. At 16 I became pregnant with my first child, the health unit offered Mommy and me cooking classes, it showed me how to cook on a budget, meet up with other moms and so forth, plus I got a cookbook to keep! It was fun though we cooked as a group and didn’t have to buy anything as it was all provided, plus I was still living at home (and still a teenages) so my interest was not there.

I grew up, my kid kept growing, I finally moved out on my own but due to not being able to cook I still spent my evenings popping into the parents place after work, dining and dashing. The weekends my diet was consisting of special k straight from the box, grilled cheese sandwiches and kraft dinner. This was my life for many many years, mom has a great muffin story of the time I made muffins which I will save as a special post. Then in my 25th year (being 2007) I met someone, and someone amazing. I wanted to impress him so I made shepherds pie. I thought I had all the ingredients, I didn’t. I didn’t have any big potatoes but I did have a bag of tri colour mini potatoes. Good enough. I set to work on my shepherds pie master piece, cooking the meat, boiling the wee potatoes, everything was looking up. I went to drain and mash the potatoes….. I didn’t have a potato masher, so I spent about 20 minutes mashing the darn things with the only thing I had to use, a mini fork (I didn’t want to use the dinner fork for him, how embarrassing) So the end product looked quite interesting with the yellow, red and blue potatoes all mashed up together (with probably a bead of sweat or two) and it was…… good!

A few months later he moved in with his 3 kids (his eldest elected to stay in the city with his GF at the time)  into my tiny wee little condo (900 some odd square feet is small for 6 people) where we lived like sardines for about 6 months, in that time I went from struggling to make anything to making dinner for 6. It has been an adventure from then until now. I am still learning, still struggling, still succeeding most of the time. Here is where I will be throwing back to my really learning to cook days, putting up my most recent struggles, triumphs and lessons as well as zany little things here and there.

So whether you may be a chef, foodie, shopaholic, mom, single, short, tall, young or not so young, whether you can cook or not I hope you enjoy, may be inspired and hopefully smile along with me.

Welcome to Burned Cornflakes.


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