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Improvise, a battle & an appliance obituary.

Well that didn’t go according to plan, at all. 

Everyday coming up with something for dinner can sometimes be a struggle, other days a battle to the death and there are times the heavens open up & produce a miracle where everything just falls together in one great stroke of genius. The latter occurs too few whilst  the battle royale occurs almost daily. Today was definately one of those days, I can still feel my frustration & despair ebbing under the surface of my skin, my lips are pursed into a thin line, today dinner won by a knockout  & I didn’t even see it coming. Dinner was a total douchebag, throwing cheap shots, followed by a brutal sucker punch.

In reality I didn’t pay attention, I made assumptions and had too much faith in what I thought I had on hand. Well it should have been an easy win, it was chicken after all & I famously write about chicken far too often. Piece of cake, or so I thought. I planned on a quick, easy & delicious jammy jam chicken. I went to the store, picked up the meat & came home. Imagine my disappointment when I rudely discovered I had no apricot jam, which was a vital ingredient, and then no Catalina dressing. This was the moment I realized I inadvertently stepped into a fight, I cursed, cursed some more & grabbed a handful of cookbooks I knew somewhere inside one of them I had to have enough of something to make a dinner delicious enough that even the pickiest of eaters would  slop it down. Page after page was turned, all the while muttering about the *&%$ing chicken, how the &%$*% was I going to cook the -&%$ing chicken!! A glimmer of hope occurred when I happened upon a homemade honey garlic sauce for wings but I knew it would work for the cuts I had picked up earlier.

Thinking I was on my way to a victory I bounced around my kitchen gathering & adding ingredients to the blender where once I whizz it around masterfully pulverizing the ingredients into a delicious sauce. Until the *&&%$ing blender decided that it was going to $%&* the bed. I was outwitted by a blender, try as I might I could not get my trusty friend to whiz even just a little bit. Instead I was given the weakest death cry I have ever heard from a kitchen appliance; the bastard.

Like a certified wuss & kitchen half wit, I called my S.O. to tell my tale of woe, curse the chicken some more, & discuss the blenders obituary. I thought it was over and was about to ask for fast food re-enforcements until there was another blow, he was going to be later than expected. Evil dinner really threw a curve ball, I really wasn’t expecting that one. Determined ever more so now not to give up on a delicious meal & saving my diet, I gathered my weapons & returned to the battlefield. There I found 2 forgotten friends, honey & Dijon who had a little back up with butter & curry powder. The winds changed in my favor and now, fingers crossed, there is a fabulous chicken dish slaving away in the oven.


Blender 2009 – 2012

Here lies blender, whizzer of purees, soups, sauces & even almond tortes. It will be sadly missed by me. Predeceased by the frying pan whom was murdered by my hands on the kitchen counter top.


Evening edit: I petrified the chicken, completely burned, more than a crisp. Fossilized on my favorite oven dish.

Pyrex 9×13 pan – 2009-2012 defeated in an epic battle against chicken. Will be missed by me. Predeceased by blender & frying pan.


side note

upon reading my most previous post, I realized how horribly written it was. I have since hung my head in the paper bag of shame.

what the *beep* is an abodo? And other mysteries.

This is something I have been wondering for about a year. I know abodo is a pepper and it is most likely “burn my face off hot” I am wondering this as I have upteen recipes calling for abodo chillis or abodo chilli powder or chillis in abodo sauce.

As I go through cookbooks and see this ingredient I usually sluff it off and either put it on ignore, replace it with a chipotle chili powder, regular chili powder or just a jalapeno or red pepper. In small town southern Alberta it seems hard to find some fancy pants ingredients that are probably available in every grocery store states side no matter what the location.

Think of me with a pursed lip or mouthing “what the ******************???!!!” I narrow my eyes at the word and I bite my thumb at it. Abodo! Pah!

Now is the time for an answer, i am tired of the question mark hanging over my head and making fun of me behind my back. I must put an end to this mystery. I just googled it and discovered I just epic-ly failed on the spelling of the word…. ADOBO. (Which being a designer by trade reminds me of Adobe which is completely unrelated). I must say I am quite embarrassed though I don’t think I will be making that spelling mistake again. I have scoured the local shelves for this item and there are none to be found, I’ve  searched the shelves in the city too and still no luck. I am thinking unless there is some chilli store opened up I may never try this for myself. (This also reads as “I am too cheap to pay for shipping and handling for ordering speciality food“) Or else I am completely blind and it is available at the local WalMart however I do doubt it so. So far my omissions or substitutions are making up for the lack of adobo-ness in my dishes.

Adobo aside there is something else that has been nagging at me “smoked tomatoes” another mystery ingredient that is constantly eluding me. I’ve looked for it in the fresh produce, the pasta aisle, the soup aisle, jarred veggies aisle , the mexican aisle and other ethnic food areas of grocery stores. I’ve been wanting to try something like this as it sounds delicious. I have half a mind to don my mad scientist gear & buy some liquid smoke then add it to a tin of crushed tomatoes however I have a hunch it won’t produce near the same taste (and how does one create this upon not eating it) or flavor experience. Speaking of smoke, how does one liquify a smoke???? That must have been quite a process. Either way it is impressive one can buy such an item. The change from what was available in the 80’s when my mom was shopping compared today is a HUGE change (pancakes in a spray can?!).

Smoked tomatoes must be a rare species, I can almost hear David Attenburough narrating the life and times of the endangered “smoked tomato”; Maybe it occasionally takes an adobo chilli lover! The flavor offspring! GASP! A moment truely unique in the fruit and spice kingdom and gives a whole new meaning to “blended families.” Sadly the life of both the smoked tomato and adobo pepper are doomed to be short. Plucked from the vines, torn away from each other, processed in a distant foreign factory &  thier lives end caged within a tin can. They secretly hope a human (LIKE ME) will pick it up and put it out of its misery in a delicious taco recipe to be devoured by thier waiting and hungry children. If there were such a can of deliciousness I would have picked up 4 as I need one for tonights dish “Turkey Chili Shepherds pie topped with sweet potatoes“.

Sounds delicious doesn’t it, well the adobo and smoked tomato have snubbed me. I will have to make do with what I have available for now. If anyone wants to start an adobo & smoked tomato Alberta invasion, send them my way!

Happy Eating.


The 18 were stuffed like a Christmas turkey….

Well Christmas has come and passed, all that planning, prepping, cooking, stressing is over and I am almost at a loss without so many people inside my tiny little house. We had 18 people on Christmas day and what a day it was. I was SUPER stressed however for the first Christmas in my life I DIDN’t have a melt down. (Call the guinness book of world records, it is a date in history!!) I had a lot of help from hubs, my sister in law, my kids, thier kids, mom, dad, and probably even the cat!

It. was. amazing.

I am so grateful to have a great and supportive family and what made it even more awesome is I don’t think I said “Oh Sh*t!” once while cooking dinner…. but don’t quote me on that one. 🙂

Not all of it went down as smooth as ice however it went over pretty good. What helped was a few days before company arrived I cooked my “Clint Eastwood Style Chili (which mom aptly named “Chili for wimps” <– mom I have changed the recipe) and for the FIRST time ever it did not burn my face off. (Are you calling Guinness yet? There is another one for the history books)

Secondly ALL the help I had: My sister in law helping me cut, chop, prep, season, stir, mix, advise, check, double check, fix, refix everything I was doing. It saved my life. My mom doing Christmas baking so I would have enough cookies to go around, she even blessed us with her butter tarts AND melt in your mouth shortbread (I love you mom). My dad bringing over the extra stuff I decided I needed on Christmas day ON Christmas Day (a toaster oven, meat thermometer). Both my folks for helping me with the vegetarian dishes, turns out we had LOTS with what I added to it. The kids for helping stir, sort, organise, clean, check and recheck & smash things for baking. As well as clean up like taking out the gabages and dishes and so forth.

Thirdly and most importantly: The whole family having balls (and stomachs) of steel for being willing to eat something I had never attempted before.

For those about to rock (eat) we salute you.

So what did I make??

December 24 after dinner myself, my S.I.L. and kids from all families helped me do my Christmas baking…. 5 hours of it. (I am a slow one in the kitchen, mom will never let me forget!)

  • Gingerbread CupCakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Double Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate chips
  • Apple Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie (x2) made with ice cream

December 25 (the big day for the 18!)

  • Hors ‘d’ouvres –>Vegetarian Samosas, vegetarian spring rolls, spinach & feta spanakopia, mini meat balls, sausage rolls, chips and dip, veggies and dip, crackers with cream cheese and spicy red pepper jelly, assorted cookies and treats (homemade and store bought) Artichoke & Asiago cheese puffs (care of my sister)
  • Turkey – approx 7.6 kg. Cooked over root vegetables, fresh herbs and some broth. I also put an onion and more fresh herbs up its bum to add more flavor.
  • Stuffing – not from scratch. From a box.
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Corn, Carrots, Peas, beans.
  • Buns
  • Broccoli Casserole (Care of mom)
  • Roasted Veggies (Care of mom)
  • Fresh Gravy (made from the broth and drippings (not droppings!) from the bird)
  • Cranberry jelly


  • Pumpkin Pies (x2)
  • Apple Pie
  • Gingerbread Snaps (care of Sister)
  • Sugar Cookies (Care of Mom)
  • Gingerbread Cupcakes
  • Double Chocolate Brownies
  • Ice Cream – Vanilla and Stawberry

And that is how you stuff 18 people like a Christmas turkey!!!!

There were plenty of leftovers, so we could have fit about 4 more people at our table and had them well fed as well. I should mention 4 of the people at our table are older teens/young adults (male) with hearty appetites as well as all the members of the families having healthy appetites. So having left-overs and in the quantities there were is amazing.

We had a big setback, we  planned dinner for about 230 pm however I don’t think we ended up eating until past 4 due to the bird. Not sure what went wrong as everyone said they had never seen it happen before: One leg and part of one side of the bird did not cook on time so we had to keep taking it out and putting it back in again. We don’t know if it was an element, the way I cooked/positioned it in the oven, or if it was the oven itself (its not convection). Luckily we had enough nibbles to keep the hungry monsters at bay. A lot of patience and several people inside who knew a lot about cooking turkeys. A good back up plan is to get the Barbeque ready. Speaking of BBQ the one thing I defrosted and prepped for turkey dinner were ribs and cornbread however time and oven space dictated they be removed from the menu. Good thing we did or we would have been screwed for table and stomach space.

Other things I learned: I learned what a turkey baster was, what it does and how to use it. Yes I am 28 years old and had NO idea what that was. I also learned what the neck, heart and giblets look like from inside the turkey (I nearly fainted, I have an aversion to birds…cooking them… mostly because all I can see are them strutting around outside when I am trying to cook them). I also learned how to get the most out of your turkey thanks to advise from mom, the S.I.L and the people over at Stirr for posting on thier facebook page how to make Turkey Soup. But it was a big thanks to HUBs for making it. I don’t think I could have made it as the carcass was grossing me out.

This is what he did (I helped with the veggies):

What you will need:

  • leftover turkey carcass, GIGANTIC pot, stove, water. Anything you want to toss into the soup for flavoring.

He put the carcass in a HUGE pot of boiling water and just boil the meat off the bones. He had it on there for hours (I am pretty sure) remove the carcass and any fallen off bones.

Next add what you like for flavoring here is what we did:

  • leftover roasted root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsnips, onions)
  • leftover regular vegetables (carrots, peas, corn, green beans)
  • leftover gravy
  • added 4 more carrots, 1 parsnip, a turnip, and an onion
  • One outside Rind of Fresh Parmesan Cheese
  • a sprig of fresh rosemary (just toss it in, the leaves will fall off in the cooking process)
  • a sprig of fresh thyme (again, toss it in the leaves will fall off and you can pull the stick out later)
  • one bay leaf (remove before consuming)
  • a sprinkling of Montreal Vegetable seasoning
  • a squished clove of garlic

Let this bubble for a while (30-40 minutes or until the veggies soften) then you can serve (this makes TONS OF SOUP) or what I did was I put aside a HUGE container of the soup for a healthy meal in the future and then put some in single serving dishes and froze for lunches. With a lot still left over I reserved the rest in a smaller soup pot and placed in the fridge which has given us several lunches and dinners of turkey soup.

What is great is there was no loss of nutritional value as everything was cooked with itself, nothing was strained or drained (granted the saturated fats are probably up there but so is the value of the good stuff) and it made the dollar value of Christmas dinner become VERY economical. So really it is an all around win.

Now with all the visiting relatives gone, I am missing everyone DEARLY. It is like the house (as small as it is) is empty. It really made me see how much I love and care about my family members.

I hope all your Christmas’s, holidays, festivities and food adventures are full of wonderful things.


From my table to yours, happy eating.




the next morning…

Okay folks, I am no longer intoxicated by any means. I’ve been to the gym, read a few bummer  e mails, drank 1 of 2 coffees and there was no hangover… surprisingly a miracle happened and I sprung out of bed this morning which NEVER happens because I AM THE farthest thing from a morning person. I am still bummed my post from last night disappeared into the vast space of nothingness in which many words take a sudden violent unexpected and unexplainable death (don’t get me started on what I see posted online sometimes….*shiver*)

So it all started yesterday at somepoint when I decided to make Philly Cheesesteak (which would be 730 am enroute to the office) I see it all over the place and figured… can’t be that hard.   About 230-3 pm I realise….. eff do I have everything I need???? On the way home I knew we needed hoagie buns in a bad way……So I get home from work after 6pm and I realise that the steaks that were taken out of the freezer that morning were still frozen, I thought…. no big deal…. I spent forever looking for the needed ingredients, I had already sent hubs out the door for buns which is what I thought was the only thing I was missing…. it was not. Thank goodness for parents living close by. I chopped the garlic, squished some more, chopped the onions and red pepper, things were going great despite the fact that poor baby had no one to play with and was desperate to get my attention so she was clamoring onto me the WHOLE evening. I came up with a genius idea (#1 of the evening) and requested our 12 year old put her boombox in the kitchen, well my and babies amusement with the music lasted about 2 minutes…. then came genius idea #2….in order to amuse her I gave her a big can of Graduates peach things which I know she loves…. well while I am elbow deep in cutting up raw beef she decides to dump the ENTIRE contents of the floor. Well the wine was already uncorked & I had already poured me a smallish glass (and by glass I really mean a fancy kids plastic cup) I took a swig &  got myself cleaned up to take care of the cracker fiasco that occurred all over the kitchen floor, took the giant bottle of crackers away from baby and gave her a bowl full of peachy cracker thingys (of course was promptly spread all over the floor again) but on the plus side she stayed amused for a long while.

I had to get back to cookin’. I finally got the beef all cut up (Dad popped by to drop off the missing OXO I needed!! Thanks pop!) and started to “caramelize” the slivers of beef. (I had no idea how to caramelize beef or even what it meant….) I spent ages doing batches and batches of this…. only to realise as I finished the last batch up & was reading to figure out my next step… “Cook over high heat for 3 minutes” ….. more wine. Baby became not amused anymore by tasty crackers and was wanting me again…. another diversion needed “AH paper towel” here yah go baby, which she discovered bopping things with paper towl was fun followed by the “unravelling”. I had a kitchen covered in crackers AND paper towel, with of course the bowls and cook books she had pulled out of the cupboards …. did I mention there was a chair in there too… yeah there was a chair I had to also dodge as I scurried about the place. … more wine. What is the time….. 8:15… what the??? I was STILL cooking….and hubs just got back from the store (the man is a saint and did a little more than just picked up buns, he did some re-stocking…. bless him)  830 rolled around and I finally finished cookin the veggies, making the sauce and then dumping everything in (sloppily) the sauce to make it all more flavorful…. or something to that effect.

The end result was a philly cheesesteak dinner with a sauce made a little to heavy on the wine (I added more glugs after the requirement) on untoasted buns (they were supposed to be toasted, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with cheese and retoasted) with a very intoxicated me. Hence… attempting to blog after drinking….. not a good idea.

Which pretty much brings me to today.

Oh and I happened to go onto facebook and talk a lot about balls on someone’s page afterwhich I started singing upstairs which is the most awful sound in the world. Think of screetching cats = me singing. *shivers*

The night of flying spatula; A tale of Evil Chicken and giving up.

 Alas it has yet again been a long while since one of my slices from the kitchen; let me tell you it has been a bustle of activity at the ol’ homestead. I blame it slightly on the kids getting back to school; starting up a new home business and just being plain disorganized with a large helping of absent mindedness.

The whole thing starts with a printer, a brand new shiny colour printer and I was SO excited to use it. So I took the weeks menu (something I dread doing and struggle with continuously) which is usually covered in chicken scratch, bits of food, cross outs, arrows and other random doodles and phone messages, opened up my fancy pants laptop and made a professional menu, gave our kitchen a snazzy restaurant style name and in the price column I replaced the dollar amounts with page numbers. I printed it off and proudly displayed my hard work on the fridge. We had Beer Braised Chicken (evil chicken), Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup (which turned into a stoup), grilled steaks with crispy shrooms (which we ended up ditching the shrooms), Chicken Francese (which was all around DE-LIC-IOUS!) and Taco Stoup served with Taco Salad (which I only ended up making yesterday and was soooooooo delicious).

The beer braised chicken (I’ve aptly renamed “Evil Chicken”) looked easy enough, few ingredients and what seemed like a few fairly straight forward instructions. I was to cook bacon in a big pot and set aside, then take the boneless skinless chicken breasts in the big pot (my first mistake = pot not big enough) after lightly flouring them and cook them in the bacon fat. Really simple, however I forgot that (1) I had more chicken thighs than square inches of cooking space (2) I had more chicken thighs than the recipe called for (3) I didn’t read the instructions CLEARLY enough. Which was to cook the dang thing in batches, instead I tried stuffing all the thighs into one pot, which ended up not getting the desired cooking effects, instead of lightly browned we got very burned, and in the process lost lots of the floury coating that would help seal in the juices for braising. Then when you add more things to the cooking surface you are supposed to adjust the cooking times because the added chicken thighs steal the heat from the other chicken thighs so if I had the proper amount of chicken thighs to begin with the browning process SHOULD have taken 5-8 minutes.

Well 5-8 minutes gone and passed…. Then 10…. Then 15… Around the 30 minute mark I was huffing and puffing (though not blowing any piggies houses down) getting more frustrated by the minute. Hubs came and started helping me turn over the chicken thighs, I was one cranky cat, I was swearing and then re-read the instructions where I discovered another “oops” by learning to cook them in batches.

Swearing at myself I quit. I completely gave up, I was SO angry, I was crying, frustrated and my feet HURT from standing in the kitchen for over an hour. A meal that was supposed to only take 30minutes had passed the hour mark and we only just started the braising process, I added all the remaining ingredients (again discovering I was supposed to cook the onions and other veg with the chicken first), I literally DUMPED in the beer as the last ingredient. Quit once again and retired for the evening.

I was beyond P-O’d. I heard that the dinner was good, though very beer-y (I added too much beer) Hubs had helped and finished the dish without so much as breaking a sweat or furrowing a brow. He came to my rescue when I needed him too, listened to my frustrations, tried to get me to NOT stress about it (impossible), dodged a flying spatula (or three) and became my knight with a shining spatula for the evening. The recipe got the better of me this time though it is defiantly on the “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THIS AGAIN” pile, and I scoff at the magazines headline “Cook like a star” thinking, “imagine if I had a camera crew filming my mishaps, I’d have more bleeps in one episode than Gordon Ramsay. Then of course the network would probably want some sort of cook off between the two of us and it would end up being some sort of cursing competition. In which the end result would be me holding up some sort of burned looking concoction and him with some fancy froo froo dish looking all smug.”Bugger it”. *sigh* All in a nights work.

On a happy note all the other dishes I made ended up being scrumptious.

Happy Eating!

Hammer Time.

I’ve been a blogging delinquent this week mostly for the fact I have been reading in the evenings or going to bed early.

First off the deity of food must have had me in their favor as on Monday I have been offered a course at “Stirr” which of course I will be writing about my time there and its utter awesomeness as well as the interesting things I learned, and probably a few things I screwed up along the way. I am beyond excited! You may have noticed I have a special knack of making at least ONE mistake in the kitchen. I call it “Fly by the seat of my pants specials”…. Well not out loud, I say that in my head pretty much all the time. It’s almost my motto and it just makes life that much more interesting. Did I mention fun?! Add that in too!  

Secondly on Tuesday I got a message I won a barbeque. I entered 3 different draws for a barbeque in April, May and July from Trail Appliances, Presidents Choice and BroadView Homes. I won the one I entered in July from Broadview Homes, we pick up our awesome barbeque on Sunday and we are sooooooo looking forward to breaking that baby in!  (Which reminds me I must tell you about the first time I grilled something, another post idea! *pats self on back*) Then on Tuesday I made this Dijon Pork Sirloin with a green bean and lemon potatoe salad which despite my few mistakes was DELICIOUS. Then on Wednesday despite the mistakes, I made a great Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken. So I have a few little stories to fill up some space with, the most being about the adventure making the absolutely delicious roasted lemony chicken. 

Wednesday had been a long day I dropped hubs off at home to start cutting the mini potatoes for the recipe “Skillet Rosemary Chicken” which I got out of the “Weekday Cooking” section of Food Network Magazine, May 2010 issue. (I’ll have to post the recipe later as I don’t have it with me at the moment because I am so awesomely un-prepared.)  I went to pick up sweet baby and came home to very neatly cut mini red potatoes sitting in the pot waiting to be boiled, he did a way better job than I do, and I had a small sensation of potato envy.  I got my scatterbrained self to work trying to give hubs proper direction for what the recipe called. “We need a pan, no a skillet, no not that one, nope not that one either, the heavy one at the bottom that mom gave me, YEAH THAT ONE” (side note: I love my cast iron skillet, mom gave it to me and it is made in France. I feel like a food snob when I pull it out, which so far has been twice….. side note to the side note: that last sentence is so punny) (side note number 2: because of having to 1.5X the recipe the ingredients didn’t all fit in that pan and when it came to putting it all together for oven roasting time I had to transfer it to a 9×13 oven pan which was still too small as everything was precariously piled and teetering off, I said many prayers that nothing would fall and start an oven in the fire) At this point I can imagine my mom telling me to “stop digressing and just get on with it!”  I love that woman she is so direct and always finishes everything she starts. I trait I did not inherit.  

Let’s get back to me not being able to get my head around a simple recipe from the kids point of view they could probably only pick up the “Oh Sh*ts” and “Oops” and “Oh whoops I was supposed to put that in first!” I imagine sometimes they must be just terrified at what might be waiting for them at the table.  I was supposed to chop up some garlic, get rosemary leaves off the fresh rosemary “twigs/sprigs” and add some salt then mash. Sounds fairly simple right?? Well working with fresh rosemary to me is like working with pine needles. I have no idea how to mash these things into a paste and after this whole experience I still don’t. My first thought was “Dam I don’t have a mortar and pestle thingy….hmmm…. what can I use in place.” I swear one could literally see one of those vintage Thomas Edison light bulbs go off above my head (which if that really happened it would be great because the light bulbs in the kitchen keep blowing) I remembered the tenderizer I bought a few months back for this awesome pork tenderloin bathed in buttermilk and covered in kettle cooked potato chips. For those of you who like me didn’t know what this is, it’s a hammer with pointy bits on the end used to “tenderize” meat for cooking. Quite frankly I call it the best stress relief in the world. They need to rename and remarket that as “Therapy” for 9.99 at SuperStore. (As this blog goes on I am sure you will hear my great love for SuperStore and Joe clothes, as well as how much I LOVE grocery shopping)

Anyhow I grab that lovely hammer mabober and head to the kitchen table. The spot where I cut things up on the counter is on this awesome glass thing my mom & dad bought hubs and I for Christmas that is like a cutting board and measuring thing all in one.  (Side note: our family is renowned for their practical gifts, I have a few great stories about that too)  So there I am at the kitchen table, I had put the garlic, rosemary and salt into a sandwich baggy and they were ready for a pounding.  So I started hammering & kept on hammering. The garlic was getting pulverized, the salt I couldn’t even see it anymore (I use sea salt granules) the rosemary??? Well that is a different story; they were still in their needle form. So, I beat the bag even more. I got mad. I swear I could hear the garlic begging for me to stop but I am a stubborn woman and the beats just kept on coming. Rosemary is one stubborn cow; no matter what I did it was determined to stay a needle.  I gave off a swear (or two) and threw the pulverized (and non pulverized) contents of the baggy into the bowl with the juice from 2 lemons and olive oil. I added the chicken and threw it into the skillet.

Upon returning to the kitchen table where the herb abusing took place I discovered I busted the table. I put these great divots into the table from the bobbley end of the mallet. So lesson learned, if you are going to beat the heck out of something whether it is meat or some unsuspecting herb, put a cutting board underneath and save your table! Your table will thank you! Or…. buy a concrete table. Problem solved.

You may have noticed I missed Thursday and Mondays meals, well I know you all will be jealous of what I didn’t make on those days, Wendy’s Burgers and Hot Dogs with Macaroni and Cheese respectively.  What did the kids notice about those days “Hey, I just realized we aren’t eating at 8 o’clock” When I cook anything even though the recipe’s say “20 minutes” it usually takes me about 1.5-2 hrs to get anything on the table. My mom can attest to that with my “Muffin” story which I have been badgering her to write for this blog.

I’ll post the recipes for both the pork tenderloin and the chicken up here when I have them at hand. Despite my stories they are really easy and scrumptious recipes to master and as you can see from my mistakes it is hard to mess up because everything has turned out great despite not making things into a great mushy paste to create a rub or missing an ingredient or two. The keys are to improvise and have fun and defiantly laugh about it later.

Happy Eating my dear friends!