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Rocks or weapons…..

 A Throwback back to 2007.

It was my dad’s birthday and I wanted to surprise him with something special, so I picked out the “Death by Chocolate” cake recipe from “Clueless in the Kitchen” where I also found a recipe for icing from scratch.  Awesome, I gathered all the ingredients to make the cake into cupcakes and baked the afternoon away, my condo smelled like a sweet bakery and dang was I getting proud. I was really excited to impress my parents with not just baking cupcakes but baking EVERYTHING from scratch!! I decided to make the icing bright blue because I thought it would make an awesome contrast to the dark chocolate as well as be more exciting than just plain ol’ white icing.  So the icing wasn’t just blue it was electric kool-aid Technicolor blue; how awesome was that??? I’ll tell ya…. It was Quasimodo awesome!!!

I was so excited to have these cupcakes done and was so pleased with the colour of my icing I quickly got to work icing everything away. Right away the icing started falling off my super warm cupcakes and was making a strange blue/green/yellow icing pool on the plate. “Eff” I thought to myself, so I called mom and told her I made something for dad but it wasn’t turning out “pretty looking” she assured me it would be fine and to come on over with whatever it is I made. I gathered the gooey mess and drove on over to their place.

We celebrated with a quiet lunch and for dessert were to be the cupcakes.  I put one on each plate; the three of us sang “Happy Birthday.” Dad needed a cup of tea after lunch so he set to making a cup of tea to go with the cupcakes. Mom set to getting the muffin wrapping off the bottom of the cupcake, not only was it stuck it seemed cemented to the cupcake, while she struggled away with the paper wrapping she dropped it onto the plate and it made this huge “THUD” it sounded like it nearly broke the plate.  All of us burst out laughing, the cupcakes were heavy as rocks and could easily be used as weapons instead of a tasty dessert.  I struggled for about 10 more minutes trying to get more of the paper off my own cupcake (between laughing fits) before I finally gave up and announced a complete failure.

I think the plate had a larger dent in it than my ego at the end of the day, and I don’t think it will be a birthday I will forget in a long time.